Service Excellence


The Service Excellence Initiative has been instituted at Makassed General Hospital since September 2016, to assist in achieving and sustaining a Culture of Service Excellence. This will help to establish a long-term competitive advantage for the hospital through marked increase in patient, employee and physician satisfaction.

 Taskforce members:

Miss Adla Chatila, COO

Dr. Sawsan Ezzedine, Dean College of Nursing and HealthSciences

Mrs. Nada Ghaziri, Advisor to the COO

What we did?

 Guided by Our Core Values: Innovation, Respect, Accountability, Teamwork, and Pride, we developed a new Care Delivery Model within the Nursing Service Department with standards, competencies and performance evaluation and appraisal processes. Moreover, we established 5 Service Excellence Multi-disciplinary Teams based on identified priorities from data collection and analysis:

  1. SE Team A (Focus on Patient Satisfaction)
  2. SE Team B (Focus on Staff Satisfaction)
  3. SE Team C (Focus on Quality of care)
  4. SE Team D (Focus on Professional Ethics and Communication)
  5. SE Team E (Focus on General Services)

These teams have been set up to develop the tools and training needed to build and support the Service Excellence mission; to create a Service Excellence Culture that promotes a positive image of MGH within its community; provide Optimum healthcare in a safe, professional and compassionate environment; and promote Quality services across all hospital departments, supported by core values of Collaboration, Openness, Respect and Empowerment.

The Service Excellence Initiative aims at creating a culture of uncompromised

accountability driven by trust, positive attitude, respect, encouragement,

 reward, recognition, leadership and empowerment.

Our standards of Excellence are:

  • Striving to exceed our patients' and customers' expectations,
  • Treating our patients, visitors, guests, and co-workers with dignity and respect,
  • Providing compassionate, courteous and efficient healthcare services,
  • Adjusting to the needs of those who receive our services and asking patients and their families what can be done to make their environment and care experience more comfortable, and
  • Safeguarding our patients’ and staff safety and security.

Why Service Excellence?

Service Excellence is our promise for our patients who deserve the best possible healthcare service. The MGH viability depends on our ability to consistently deliver the highest quality outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, and Employee Satisfaction.  Our Service Excellence goals will ensure that MGH is the best hospital to receive healthcare, and the best workplace for healthcare professionals.

Our story … to be continued

The Service Excellence Task Force aims to expand learning opportunities for nurses and other hospital and provide continuous support to all Service Teams. Our Roadmap to Success is guided by our commitment to Excellence, building a culture around Service, focusing on Patient and Employee Satisfaction, and Rewarding and Recognizing Success at all levels of service.

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