Nursing Education

Founded in 1948, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at the Makassed University of Beirut is one of the oldest nursing schools in Lebanon. In keeping with the mission of the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association, it is dedicated to serving the community through offering high-quality education to promising students. Since its founding, the College has become a leading academic institution, graduating high-quality health-care professionals to meet the challenges of the health-care industry. Our mission is to train nurses who are prepared to function effectively on inter-professional, collaborative health-care teams.

To prepare our graduates for today’s challenging health care markets, we have gathered and continue to draw upon the most current research, both about education and about practice in nursing and other health-related professions. The result is our high-quality programs that are responsive to the challenges of the 21st century.  

Our undergraduate curriculum emphasizes health promotion across the ages, supporting the health-care needs of both individuals and families in today’s changing and challenging environments. Graduates of the program receive a Bachelor of Science degree, are eligible to take the official licensure exam, and are prepared for general nursing practice in a variety of health-care settings.

To meet the increasing demand for graduate nursing programs, the college also offers a Masters Degree in Nursing Administration. Post-basic certificates are also available for nurses working in various health-care settings, with continuing education programs in clinical specialties tailored to institutional needs.

I invite you to explore the opportunities we offer and welcome you to the College of Nursing and Health Sciences - Makassed University of Beirut.

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