Medical Imaging

MGH is committed to investing in state-of-the art medical imaging technology for early screening, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment planning. Patients who choose Makassed General Hospital for medical imaging have access to: 

  •   a 64-Slice CT scanner that is capable of multiple functions such as virtual colonoscopy, virtual bronchoscopy, lung analysis and perfusion scans, advanced vessel analysis, 3D processing, dynamic volume review, multiplanar volume reconstruction, and angiography of all organs (coronary angiography and peripheral angiography, etc.), and other processes and techniques;
  • low dose CT scans (95% dose reduction) a characteristic feature of the multi-detector CT scan which reduces the exposure to radiation; 
  • Advanced MRI technology. 


Khalil Tayyara

MD Khalil Tayyara Chairman of the department of Medical Imaging

Ismail Anadani

MD Ismail Anadani Radiology

Ibrahim Ezzeddine

MD Ibrahim Ezzeddine Radiology

Naji  Attalah

MD Naji Attalah Radiology

Naji  Abou Moussa

MD Naji Abou Moussa Radiology

Omran  El Abed

MD Omran El Abed Radiology

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