The Department of Anesthesiology at Makassed General Hospital provides patients undergoing surgical intervention with a variety of anesthesia options, including local, general, and regional. The Department is also involved in post-operative pain management. All surgical patients are pre-operatively evaluated by an anesthesiologist to optimize patients’ readiness for surgery in collaboration with the surgeon.

Since children and the elderly are vulnerable populations when it comes to surgery, it is important to minimize their exposure to general anesthesia. To support this effort, MGH uses local, regional or block anesthesia whenever possible, including for procedures such as circumcision, breast surgery, shoulder surgery, hip surgery, inguinal hernia, and the like. Such an approach ensures that the patient’s post-operative pain will be at least 75% less than the post-operative pain that accompanies general anesthesia; this also lessens the risk of complications such as nausea and vomiting.

In recent years, increasing numbers of patients have undergone one-day surgery. The Department of Anesthesiology has contributed to this more efficient and less expensive shift by personalizing the care available to our patients. 

As part of our commitment to the Mission of Academic Medicine, we enhance the quality of our patient care through programs that support the training of future doctors. The Department offers a four-year postgraduate clinical residency training program in collaboration with Beirut Arab University. In addition, senior anesthesia residents from the Lebanese University rotate in our department for six months.


Zouheir Naja

MD Zouheir Naja Chairman of the department of Anesthesia

Saleh Kanawati

MD Saleh Kanawati Anesthesiology

Ahmad Damergi

MD Ahmad Damergi Anesthesiology

Nabil Hamoui

MD Nabil Hamoui Anesthesiology

Jamal Hijjawi

MD Jamal Hijjawi Anesthesiology

Rania El Khatib

MD Rania El Khatib Anesthesiology

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